Mathias’s Mission

The mission of Team Mathias is to help support families and research efforts while raising awareness for ALL childhood cancers. We are guided by what was important to Mathias and his ideas shape the work we do today.

Why we do it

174,000 Kids

That’s how many kids are diagnosed worldwide each year. And of those, over 20% are terminal upon diagnosis.

Kids can't fight alone

Not only do the kids need support, but so too do their parents and siblings.

And our top reason:

Mathias Giordano

Even while he was fighting for his life, Mathias was determined spread awareness and drive funding for better treatment options. He wanted to let people to know that kids get cancer too and that they can’t fight alone. We are honored to continue the work he began.

Our Work

Mathias has inspired many projects and events.

There are many ways to support Team Mathias.

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