Monthly Hospital Dinners

Fairfax Inova Hospital, VA

We work with local eateries to provide a hot, delicious catered meal that we pick up and bring to serve to the pediatric oncology unit patients and staff at Fairfax Inova Hospital. Our community restaurants are so generous to go above and beyond to help us bring a bit of happiness each month. Many give us discounted or free meals–helping us stretch our funds to reach even more families. We have even had individuals donate the price of the whole dinner.

This is a great opportunity for groups who want to help in some way but aren’t sure how–we have had kids design cards, Girl Scouts donate cookies, a local jewelry business sent us with bracelets to bring to the moms and nurses on Mother’s Day, we have had toy baskets on the side for the kids and siblings, and of course there is always lots and lots of wonderful food, drinks, and desserts.

We consider ourselves lucky and blessed to be able to bring joy and comfort to the kids in treatment. It is so rewarding to meet some incredibly beautiful, smart, loving and caring children who thank us over and over. Their appreciation and gratitude for the simple dinners we bring is truly magical and reminded us of Mathias’s smile and kindness every time he had the pleasure of getting catered food during his long hospital stays. Even when he wouldn’t or physically couldn’t eat the food, he loved the social aspect of the visit!

This is truly our favorite Friday night of the month and we look forward to it every single month.

Your donations are greatly appreciated (and are tax deductible!). We are proud to be 100% volunteer-run, which means every penny donated goes to support our mission.